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A place for my rambles...Or.. will be once I got it all set up.. woo
There's bgm to this as well, don't forget to enable it
Couldn't get to work on chrome, works on ungoogled chromium tho


❄ I've been finding having to manually drag and drop files annoying for a while, but found out that neocities has an API for doing that, so lately I've been working on some python thing to automatically upload files on update.
❄ Still really new to python so don't get how things work yet, but so far thing is almost done yay.
❄ There probably are way better ones already out since API has been out for a while I think. Still not gonna stop me cuz it's a fun project.
❄ Will share it here when done with it yay


❄ Felt like site was getting more and more bloated with wall of texts, this should help lots❄
❄ Would be nice if I could animate it opening eventually, for now this'll have to do
❄ Drop-down menu in the works, coming soon™, as well as more content.
❄ Also should work on a changelog page probably..


❄ After reinstalling my OS like 4 different times and a lot of other things back on track.
Changing some small things for now, more updates on the way, some under the hood updates for now.
❄ Also removed UTC time cuz that was stupid.


❄ Updates and stuff postponed til this uni gives me some time
So like 2 weeks... my sleep schedule is a mess send help
❄ Onto other news, got a new laptop, gonna write a review on it once things settle down.


❄ How'd u even get here??? I barely got started w this wth lolol
❄ No matter, just get all cozy with a cup of hot chocolate or whatnot and listen to a ramble or 2.
Or... in this case... read...
Anywayssss.. let us see where this path will lead us shall we?

❄ First one on the list

❄ I've been checking out other's sites while taking a break from working on this and they're...stunning, with like really REALLY good css some even having mobile integration, while I'm struggling with that annoying box thing I wanted as a side pannel AAAA.
Though maybe I shouldn't compare myself with like the top 0.1% most popular sites since I barely just started this, huh...