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A place for my rambles...Or.. will be once I got it all set up.. woo
There's bgm to this as well, don't forget to enable it
Couldn't get to work on chrome, works on ungoogled chromium tho


❄ After eons of waiting i'm finally done to the point where I'm ok with sharing it, still needs a lot of polish but it just works™
❄ So what can this do? How does this work? Etc..? Well, glad you asked
❄ So you type the directory with the site and your neocities api key on your first run, then you're pretty much set. Each time you run it after that it'll look if any of the files in that folder have been changed, if yes upload them. All the info abt last modified is saved in a json file in the same folder as the py, will make it so you can have somewhat custom or you can just edit the directory in the py.
❄ Basically, a simpler & easier to use alternative to neocitizen I guess, enjoy~ ^^
❄ More updates coming soon™ to a store near you!
Yes the name's an ice pun lol


❄ Well... after months of procrastination on it got bored today and got back to it, pulled a mandatory all nighter and finished it... mostly
❄ Cough cough so much for it being almost done, had to like fully rewrite how it was being saved, but at last it's working, after all updated this page with that lolol
❄ Will post it in here after I give it a bit more polish in a few days, right now gotta edit the site directory in the py itself, and doesn't upload anything on the first run [will add a prompt for it]
❄ As to what I have been up to... a lot... Switched to manjaro from windows, got a massive headache from updating my phone's ROM, uni etc.
❄ Learnt so much throught all this so will probably slap a few tutorials here, make some more scripts etc.
❄ See you soon™ with more to come folks!


❄ I've been finding having to manually drag and drop files annoying for a while, but found out that neocities has an API for doing that, so lately I've been working on some python thing to automatically upload files on update.
❄ Still really new to python so don't get how things work yet, but so far thing is almost done yay.
❄ There probably are way better ones already out since API has been out for a while I think. Still not gonna stop me cuz it's a fun project.
❄ Will share it here when done with it yay


❄ Felt like site was getting more and more bloated with wall of texts, this should help lots❄
❄ Would be nice if I could animate it opening eventually, for now this'll have to do
❄ Drop-down menu in the works, coming soon™, as well as more content.
❄ Also should work on a changelog page probably..


❄ After reinstalling my OS like 4 different times and a lot of other things back on track.
Changing some small things for now, more updates on the way, some under the hood updates for now.
❄ Also removed UTC time cuz that was stupid.


❄ Updates and stuff postponed til this uni gives me some time
So like 2 weeks... my sleep schedule is a mess send help
❄ Onto other news, got a new laptop, gonna write a review on it once things settle down.


❄ How'd u even get here??? I barely got started w this wth lolol
❄ No matter, just get all cozy with a cup of hot chocolate or whatnot and listen to a ramble or 2.
Or... in this case... read...
Anywayssss.. let us see where this path will lead us shall we?

❄ First one on the list

❄ I've been checking out other's sites while taking a break from working on this and they're...stunning, with like really REALLY good css some even having mobile integration, while I'm struggling with that annoying box thing I wanted as a side pannel AAAA.
Though maybe I shouldn't compare myself with like the top 0.1% most popular sites since I barely just started this, huh...