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The place where I just ramble about whatever I feel like whenever I feel like.
May be a 10 minute rant may be just a random picture I wanted to share who knows.
Most of it not to be taken seriously.

All rambles should be corrected if wrong information is provided, with the wrong info striked through, actual content will be kept there to bawl my eyes at my sleep deprived self's stupidity.


❄ So where do I begin? There I was like 2 weeks ago looking through the neocities site settings and other things, see the API, check it out for a bit and think to myself "that's really neatt". Except it wasn't in any languages I really knew.
❄ Despite that, still wanted to try to do something with it, so I went with the python-neocities one since I was considering getting into python anyway, and that was the push I needed.
❄ Coming from java and having barely started C++, the lack of brackets and semicolons felt rather nice, so instead of worrying about how I write stuff like in C++ I just gotta worry about what I write.
❄ So progress on the project... sure could be going faster, so what I'm planning to do with it is for it to scan a certain directory, check if any of the files have been updated since last scan and upload the changed ones. Been stuck for a while at the whole saving the file last changed details using json. Broke my head enough to make it actually work now... WOOOOOO
❄ I didn't really check if someone has already done this, if they did well I'm still going to use mine probably, and at least I learned things. I mean half of my code is just commented out prototypes pff.
❄ So uhhh NeoCities upload pasta code program thing, coming soon™ to a store near you
cough cough also common cold sure is fun to get during covid cough cough


❄ I just spent like 3h trying to get text size to increase on hover, cuz for some ungodly reason it wouldn't work on links?? Ended up with font-size so have to use it only in that one specific place cuz asking for +10% font size w/o javascrpit is too much.
❄ Well... now that that's over... sure been seeing an influx of people, guess actively mantained pages bring attention or something, from like 4 views/day to 100... yeah...
Now that THAT's over, time to add even more css while barely having any content, surely nothing can go wrong.


❄ Finally got some time to catch a break, in the meantime time to yell at my past sleep deprived self for being stupid while totes not sleep deprived.
❄ "you can just move to other similar" sure from social media where you do generic social media things maybe, discord and other stuff not so sure about, yno, the ones you use for communication with friends and family.
Big sites can do whatev they wan all because people have gotten used to the whole "I'm not doing anything illegal so i don't have anything to hide" mentality so that's fun. ❄ Whatever... I'm going to sleep.


❄ With places like twitter, instagram, discord and other similar ones you can just move to other similar free [as in freedom respecting] ones, but with youtube bein the monopoly on video sharing platforms you can't really do much.
❄ On one hand, you lose access to so much content you wouldn't find anywhere else, on the other google collects your data like there's no tomorrow. Like seriously I tried to set up the site's audio to use hidden youtube embeds and... the sheer bloat on this thing

Youtube | Nextcloud 3rd party footprint on site: 40 | 1

Info from Umatrix, ya sholda get it

* "buht ya loading a whole ass player on yt and only an mp3 file on 2nd bla bla"| Fine.. may test in the future it loading vids, it's definitively way less bloated but by how much I wonder.. ❄ Anyway, right now hosting the BGM on nextcloud, part of disroot. From what I know they're a great service provider that fight for your privacy. If you're looking for a great cloud service or email they got you covered with 8GB of free storage. They even got email client integration, what's not to love about them? Check them out if you got the time to spare wouldja?⚠ See Addendum
❄ Back to the topic at hand... yeah wth is youtube... best alternative I found so far is and there's an annoying lack of content.. how depressing...
* What can we do about it? Wait until everyone on youtube gets fed up with how they're managing the site, or urge creators to move or at least upload on another site as well.

⚠ Addendum: Actually on, still part of nextcloud but not disroot, to be moved to actual disroot.
Additionally, nextcloud isn't part of disroot. Disroot uses nextcloud for their cloud services.

Some random note

❄ May add titles to some of these because it just looks like something's missing... Don't know how to deal with short stuff for now, will do date+title to longer ones I guess? Also so much for going to sleep no? I'll feel that tomorrow lol... T_T

⚠ Addendum: All box divs will get a title unless they're non-collapsible, so you uh have a way to open them.

First of many to come

❄ Why don't I just ramble on the main page? Because uhh I want that for more important stuff I guess, also can we just talk about chrome for a second, WHYYY does it have autoplay disabled by default, if ppl want it disabled they can just do it themselves or add an option or something aaaaaaaaaaaa I wasted like way too much time trying to find a workaround for music not autoplaying on it.
If you're on chrome reading this then do yourself a favor and switch to ungoogled chromium, I'll get around to rambling about that on a separate page eventually, so much to do so little time. Anyway I slept through the night and that's like really bad I'm all tired and stuff, so guess I'll call it a day and go pass out for 16h.